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Recent increase in metal roofing theft

Our alternative to lead...

The theft of Lead has become a major problem in the UK, due to spiraling prices. Used for centuries on roofs of Cathedrals, Churches and other buildings of historical value, Lead is now considered an easy target for criminals.

36 Church roofs had Lead stolen in Cambridgeshire alone, during a two month period in 2007. Many Lead roofs that are stolen are being replaced with either Zinc or Terned coated Stainless Steel. The traditional rolled joining method can be replicated as shown on the before and after photographs of Cowlinge Church, shown below.

This church is over 700years old and had the Lead removed during the summer of 2007. Architects Freeland Rees Roberts were keen to put back a material that could replicate Lead in both appearance and longevity. Terned Stainless Steel has a life expectancy in excess of 100 years and has virtually no scrap value, which makes it less attractive to thieves and is far more difficult to remove.

Cowlinge church, Suffolk:

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